Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2 SEPT 2016

          Good day everyone, So long not updated blog since last Feb due to I super duper busy with my new living life. As per mention previous entry I will getting marriage on September . Finally!!!! I be a  wife to Mohamad Saiful Bin Ibrahim / Mrs Saiful. Officially marriage on 2 Sept 2016 /  3:30pm / Friday located at Taman Perling Johor Bahru. Guess what "Sekali Lafaz" become husband and wife  and only God that known the feeling inside my heart . Oh God! Difficult to believe that I will carry a new responsibility in my life. Actually we struggled  for our Wedding preparation that take  duration less than 9 Month. Thanks to Allah (Alhamdulilah) because allah is the best planner. So many situation that we need Faced  become it successfully everything.  

This our Hantaran : RM 10,000/ Cincin Nikah / Mas Kahwin : RM 200

Our Pelamin in Normal and Night Mood 
Theme : Purple White

One Lafaz we become Sah Husband and Wife 
3 : 30pm / Friday / 2 SEPT 2016 

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Monday, February 22, 2016

22 JAN 2016 as Our Engagement Day

Hai All ... I'm come back to my sweetly Blog ... today is My first month anniversary engagement with Muhamad Saiful ...Ok first of all , let we throwback my previous entry, if not mistake on June last year... my entry about "My Secret Admire" ... It's u'll remember that.

Finally He will be mine on this year September 2016. So many halangan I need to faced for get him in my life. Actuaaly him already have girl, that I called as mermaid... but day of the day I try until not give up to get him... finally dia fallen in love with me. Let u'll guess what...  Now he is my lovely  fiancĂ©... So shocked right ?? Alhamdulilah... Im so happy and speechless.

Actually I want share my happiness  to u'll didn't mean to show off ok. Let we take a look below photo during my Engagement Day on last month, 22 JAN 2016 .

My lovely siblings before My Engagement Day

I'm officially be a Muhamad Saiful Fiance
Date : 22 JAN 2016
Day : Friday
Time : 8.40 PM
Place : Taman Perling


Okey  above picture special for u'll 
It's sweet both of us?
I really Happy on this Engagement Day 
Theme : Purple Black from Him

Pallet from My Site to Him
Purple from Him to Me

Last but not least Thanks for S.A.H.A.B.A.T ( Nur Khairun Syafiqah ) always beside me.. My beloved Siblings ( Nur Zulaikha and Nur Adibah Artika ) , Both of  Family  Before / During and Before  my Engagement Day. Lastly to my Lovely Fiance ( Mohamad Saiful ) thanks choice me as your Destiny. Now we together complete at less RM 23 000 for our Wedding in this coming September 2016. My pray for this Second Engagement " Our relationship as Fiance kekal sehingga  we SAH be a Husband & Wife this year" actually a lot of wish but I kept as our Secret . Lastly, I love you so much my Future Husband.  

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3 in 1

Good morning blogger. Kelly nak sharing story about 3 in 1 pada korang semua. Of course korang semua mahu tahu kan. The meaning 3 in 1 pada kelly adalah kerjaya, pelajaran, cinta Dan sahabat .Hmm macam pelik kan entry kelly this morning.

What do you know about Love, education, sahabat and career? This 3 elements in our life actually have theirs own meaning. Love !!! For me something feeling that be had deep in my hearts get from the top, that born from 2 hearts of person with have keikhlasan to accept everything about myself.

Education !!! I need to get it from myself to better living. At the same time to get respect from other to me so that other person can't judge me simply. Education can describe the way I'm think and speak.

Sahabat is person can accept all about me and always beside me in what kind of situation. At the same the person who support me when I'm down. Sahabat yang baik adalah sahabat yang selalu berkorban apa sahaja supaya saya dapat apa yang inginkan.

Lastly career !!!! Something's rewards for myself after I'm berusaha to complete by study. I build it from my own way base on my education and experience. Career is very important in my life b'coz from that I will get everything's what I want. From career I can living better.

Of course korang pelik right why this morning I touch about this 3 elements in our life. Actually banyak lagi elements yang ada but this 3 elements  have in my life. Yesterday night my sahabat already told me that " you must appreciate b'coz u have sahabat, education, love and  career in your life. Don't simply combine this 3 elements (education, love and career) in one time. If you combine this 3, other people will never respect you. You need to separate this 3 elements. You very lucky
because Allah give you this elements.In office need to focus with ur own career. In class focus on ur study. In house focus on me(sahabat)". Than I ask my sahabat, how about my love? Than she said that,  love has in your hearts. Other advised from my sahabat  that please thinking   as you are degree holder not SPM holder.

Start from now I need to care about my career and avoid love to destroy my career and my study. I need to know how the way to separate this 3 elements in my life ( love,study n career). This 4 elements ( sahabat,love, study n career) is very important for my living.

 This is my SAHABAT

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