Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2 SEPT 2016

          Good day everyone, So long not updated blog since last Feb due to I super duper busy with my new living life. As per mention previous entry I will getting marriage on September . Finally!!!! I be a  wife to Mohamad Saiful Bin Ibrahim / Mrs Saiful. Officially marriage on 2 Sept 2016 /  3:30pm / Friday located at Taman Perling Johor Bahru. Guess what "Sekali Lafaz" become husband and wife  and only God that known the feeling inside my heart . Oh God! Difficult to believe that I will carry a new responsibility in my life. Actually we struggled  for our Wedding preparation that take  duration less than 9 Month. Thanks to Allah (Alhamdulilah) because allah is the best planner. So many situation that we need Faced  become it successfully everything.  

This our Hantaran : RM 10,000/ Cincin Nikah / Mas Kahwin : RM 200

Our Pelamin in Normal and Night Mood 
Theme : Purple White

One Lafaz we become Sah Husband and Wife 
3 : 30pm / Friday / 2 SEPT 2016 

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